Thank you for stopping by.
I am from Rome, Italy, and I live in Warsaw, Poland.
I started taking photos when I was 11 years old, in 1986. I obviously started with film photography, and I still take film shots as well as digital. I love photography, not Photoshop. All the photos on my website are not altered and not cropped. I spend more time taking photos, and no time on the computer. If I don’t like it, I just take another shot. In my vision, digital is just another type of film.

Current cameras:

  • Zenith from late 60s;
  • Canon EOS 300;
  • Olympus OM 10;
  • Kodak Retinette 2B;
  • Fujifilm x30 (digital)

Things I follow:
Film Ferrania (Italy) restarted production of photographic and cinema films in Italy.
Fotoimpex (Berlin) has a great selection of films and stuff for analog photography. I love Berlin and Fotimpex is just one more good reason to go!;
Polaroid is back! planning to get one soon. I love polaroids!

Contact me at mpphoto [put the at symbol here] fastmail [dot] com